Uplifted thru the Fog

Posted 25 August 2015 12:00 AM by Toni Bee

Summer 2015 with the City Spotlights Leaders was an elixir I needed after engaging in the bumble of social activities of this past year. It was an honor to come back and be amongst the energy of this nation’s future Ballerinas and Executive Directors. I was especially inspired because the group size had doubled to sixty and now I would be able to have 2 separate sessions with the kids. It was a memorable experience and I entitled it Harmony in Difference.

So much of the artistic work that the leaders are attempting to conduct is public. This is why I had the youth complete poetic “looking within” exercises. Seems selfish but this is the most important issue to look at. The negative or positive light in which you view yourself is the lens in which you see the world. Knowing and healing how you see you in the mirror changes how you see others. It was quite a gift to witness the final performance in which various urban stories were played out wearing different glasses – one with a prejudiced fog the other a lens of impartiality and fairness.

After an interesting year of contemplating, and marching and founding Black Lives Matter in Cambridge – I needed a douse of healing soup. That soup was Open Mic hour – a weekly time of free expression. I am so thankful that Citi Performing Arts Center placed this in the schedule. It is the one-thing artists need - the freedom of full expression. Teens used the opportunity to spread their branches in the wake of a wind they themselves created; so be it if leaves fell off, – fellow foliage was there to breeze folk back into completing their art flow. In seeing myself as an ol’ root withering from the world’s harsh weather, the freedom the youth displayed and the support Leaders gave each other was the life water that uplifted my soul. And Mr. Spaulding uttering my name let me know I can survive any hurricane that shimmied my way. Gracious, so grateful I am for being allowed to “Wang It” again this summer. I/eye am ReNewed.

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