Discovering Culture

Posted 24 February 2015 12:00 AM by By Tessa Bry Taylor

Despite the snowy weather that has recently been keeping most of Boston house-bound, teaching artist Nicolas Perez and I have been lucky enough to complete two full, uninterrupted weeks with the wonderful 2nd grade students at Roger Clap Innovation School in Dorchester. What a lively bunch they are, hailing from all corners of the globe, and filled with curiosity and wonder! A perfect platform for our work together - a creative arts based exploration of culture.

Over the past two weeks, the students have investigated what it means to have a culture, exploring where it comes from, and how it is demonstrated through our actions, behaviors, customs, ideas and of course, art. They have explored the culture of their classroom, as well as a figurative culture comprised of various royal kings and queens of an imaginary jungle. They have created characters with distinct cultural traits, and in the coming week, will engage in the process of combining character's worlds to create communities of culture in harmony.

Through experiential learning based in drawing, singing, acting, composing, creating, acting, pretending, and critically examining, the students, Nick, and myself will spend the next 8 weeks on a global adventure, soaking up all the excitement that comes from encounters with places and faces different than one's own. I am truly looking forward to the next step together in our process, and am eager to share what unfolds over the next few months! Stay tuned...!

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