A Wall of Love

Posted 20 July 2015 12:00 AM by Azeb

Diving into the second week of the program was quite a growth experience. One part of the week I found to be a milestone was the community building exercises Aysha and I led. The first exercise we did was a silent handshake. The teen leaders would walk around the room, find someone they don’t normally talk to, and create a handshake without verbal communication. The next exercise we did was trust falls. First they paired up and did a couple practice falls. Then they were split into their specialty groups to do a group trust fall, where one person entered the middle of the circle and would fall trusting that their comrades would have their back. At first, everyone was hesitant but after seeing a few people go at a time the tension lessened and I felt like a new bond was formed. The last exercise we did with them was putting a piece of construction paper on their backs with their names. They had a couple of minutes to go around the room and write something unique or special about another person on that construction paper. I thought this exercise was so powerful because at the end one of the teen leaders recommended that they hang all the papers on the wall so we could all still write things as the program progresses. Shortly after community building was over, Aysha and I sat down at admired the wall of love.

It was really beautiful seeing this group of people get to another level of unity. It is moments like that, which continued to happen throughout the week, that make me realize how fortunate I was to be working with such amazing individuals. I wish growing up that I was able to participate in a program like this. The talent of the teen leaders whether its the arts or their passion for social change is extremely inspiring. Every day I am surprised with the level of greatness they are capable of bringing to the table and I cannot wait to see what the result will be at the end of the summer.

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