Building or Burning Bridges?

Posted 21 July 2015 12:00 AM by Clark

The first week of Citi Spotlight was an interesting one. From day one, one could tell more about each person who contributed to the social justice topic. There were ones that were bent towards women's rights, others towards racism, others towards beauty standards, others towards taking a victim stance. Just in the first day, things were starting to get really interesting.

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly and relationships were already starting to become strong. I saw so much talent just in week one of an eight week program, that I was amazed. The fact that people were so willing to open themselves up to strangers in just a few days was also amazing to me.

Then there was open mic. Open mic was pretty impressive to see all the talented pieces of art, ranging from singing to poetry and everything in between, that everyone was so passionate about gave me a wide grin but also goosebumps. I loved to see all these smart, artistic people not only get along in a whole week full of ice breakers and introductions, but when these people presented pieces in front of eager ears. When I performed I felt no self-consciousness, no fear, or self doubt. I felt comfortable enough with myself to perform my piece in front of my coworkers, and also to listen to their pieces respectfully.

I can say that week one was a good week. And I'm excited to embark on a journey where I can get to know my coworkers on a deeper level. And in this process I'll hope to be burning the old bridges of strangers and building new bridges of fellowship and community with my coworkers in place of the old.

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