Make Way for Citi Center

Posted 31 July 2015 12:00 AM by Genesis

Growing up one of my favorite children’s books was called Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. I loved this book because it talked about a group of ducklings living in the pond at the Boston Public Garden. This Thursday was the highlight of my week because I felt like a duckling. I was able to waddle along with my groupmates showing the streets of Boston how amazing Citi Center is.

Although we don’t necessarily look or walk like ducklings, we, like the ducklings in the book were able to capture the attention of whoever was willing to listen. As we flash mobbed our hearts out in Faneuil Hall the heat didn’t seem to subside. Yet what I love so much about this program is our ability to share our talents with the people around us. What makes us different from any other program is the strength and the positive energy that we emit out into the vastness of the world.

The sun was shining high on Thursday and temperatures reached about 94 degrees, yet we the brave Teen Leaders of Citi Spotlights did not give in. We went out and did more than what we were expected to do. Our cheers, our dance, but most importantly our energy brought people together. In our audiences you might see a businessman, an artist, and a streetworker bobbing their heads along to the beat. In the moments when we had large crowds you couldn’t differentiate the individuals. In those moments strangers came together to admire the beauty that the performing arts are able to create. We went out and we showed out! Everywhere we went they made way for us, and they found out a little bit more about Citi Center.

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