The Words of Encouragement that Echoed

Posted 24 July 2015 12:00 AM by Genesis

At 12:45 all 61 teen leaders grabbed their Boloco bags and headed to the tables set up in the grand lobby. We patiently awaited the arrival of one of the most influential speakers I have ever met. He goes by the name Ant Thomas. I had the pleasure of meeting Ant last year when he spoke to a smaller group of CPAC teen leaders and awaited his arrival with elation.

Immediately he grabbed our attention by introducing himself and sharing his story. What makes Ant Thomas so amazing is his ability to enrapture any teen with his prose. Through his poetry he manages to connect with each individual in the audience, regardless of their identity or background. To me, Thomas is a leader; his life could have gone in a completely different direction, yet the path he chose shows how remarkable art is.

Thomas works in the State House as a Legislative Aide to Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz. Yet beyond the state house and his role as the offices “community liaison,” Ant works directly with Boston’s youth. He uses his music and his spoken word pieces to give these teens motivation. As a black man in today’s society he is well aware of the lack of opportunities available to not only artists, but youth of color. Through his works, he speaks the truth and is an advocate for the youth and an advocate for change. By the end of the Power Lunch I watched as my co-workers felt a strong sense of inspiration. Anthony Thomas’ presence alone filled the room with an air of positivity and productivity that later on spilled into the day's workshops and specialty.

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