Week 2

Posted 23 July 2015 12:00 AM by Clark

Week 2 was a more in depth week than the first. It was a more intense week than the first. Having to adapt to Jaheem's absence put a toll on the progression of the flash mob dance, but we still had fun practicing, one time even with the lights off. Every group I was in was working well and efficiently, like how my Workshop Development group was flying through the whole process. During Week 2, we created and presented beautiful skits in acting and on Friday, I was able to witness the artistic richness of the other specialty groups.

In addition to getting work done, I also spoke to people I hadn't in the first week. I'd become more comfortable and self inclusive in activities going on in and outside the program, which I found to be good for my growth as a person.

One thing about Week 2 that blew me away was Open Mic. To listen to Carmen do her spoken word piece gave me goosebumps; it made me realize that I have a long way to go before I can surpass her poetic skills. I realized the difference between me and the pros. Then I heard Jeremy spit his verse with such an aggressive and powerful presentation that gave me goosebumps also. Like Woah! With skill like that, these guys have a right to be training us artists.

I appreciated Week 2 and I hope the rest of the program continues to go smoothly!

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