Week 3

Posted 23 July 2015 12:00 AM by Marly

Going into Week 3 was time for us to become the true advocates we had been practicing to become. I’m not going to lie; it was filled with some tension and nerves, but overall the end result was spectacular. Everyone who had a speaking role were responsible for remembering their lines and basically carried the weight of our message. If those people were overwhelmed by such a huge responsibility, they did not show it. I also commend the whole group for being so focused.

We practiced intensely the days before and demonstrated some serious professionalism that I had not really seen up until that week. We held each other accountable and we made sure that we stayed on task. I believe that the message of our proposal was the reason as to why we were so motivated in creating a professional demeanor and being focused for our presentation. I know a few people in the program who had never met a government official and wanted to make a great first impression in the world of politics. Overall, I was glad to see that all that we had created and learn during Community Advocacy was utilized in our presentation. I was also happy to see how excited the teens were to be apart of such an important event for the arts.

Not only did Week 3 include the State House, but we went to see Colossal thanks to Company One Theatre. The play was hilarious and it brought the group closer. It was an amazing treat to end our day of super professionalism, with boisterous laughter. Even then the night had not ended; on our way home many of us participated in an impromptu flash mob.

Week Three was a week that I will remember and cherish for a very long time.

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