Week 4

Posted 30 July 2015 12:00 AM by Marly

Week Four mainly focused on refining and finishing the our workshops. Jenna taught us about three methods of asking questions to engage our audience in a discussion on equality. This helped us clarify the path of our workshops. It made it clearer for us to identify what we wanted the audience to take away and what we wanted to teach them.

We then split of into our groups of 15. Here we got to tie up loose ends and get feedback on our workshop to make sure that it was presentable. We had a few criticisms here and there, but overall, they were constructive and helped better our workshop as a whole. I think this not only helped us with building better skills for our workshops with the kids, but also how to communicate better with our group. By learning how to receive and give constructive criticism from and to our peers, we built a bond full of trust, assurance, and support. This motivated us to want to make the workshops better not only for the kids but for ourselves as well.

I can’t wait until Tour Week so that we can show the communities what we’ve been working on. I know for myself the goal of my workshop is to change the children's lives for the positive.

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