Performing at the Harvard Alumni of Color Conference and Tufts Medical Center

Posted 19 June 2015 12:00 AM by Steff

Starting off with the morning workshops of the different programs from around the country, I really enjoyed learning about the many different programs whose purpose was to advocate on social issues. I learned about the ways they advocate for a variety of social issues. One program that stood out to me is the MENS program from Nebraska. The MENS program is a mentorship program that targets black males living in poor neighborhoods of Omaha who want to get higher in life with education and their future. The participants presented their stories, which touched me because it seemed like it was a struggle for them to succeed. But I am also feel proud that a program like the MENS program was there for them to provide support to lead a better life. Many other programs were there like a slam poetry group from Washington, D.C., and My City My Voice, from Cambridge and similar to what City Spotlights was. Closing the ceremony were four advocates of social justice and equality—two of whom organized the Millions March in New York City—in an open conversation and a great dialogue. I learned many ideas from them as they shared opinions on social issues and commented on each other’s ideas and opinions. The AOCC was a great experience and I would love to come back again next year.

More recently, we visited Tufts Medical Center to perform for patients and their families, which was my first time visiting a hospital actually. I have never seen how a hospital worked on a regular basis, and it was an interesting visit. When I was introduced to the patients, I felt sympathy because they were in hospital all day and did not have much freedom to enjoy life as a regular teenager would. Overall, it was a great time visiting the site and seeing how a hospital looks like from the inside, and to perform some of our workshops with them.

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