When Networking works out at the END

Posted 1 June 2015 12:00 AM by Alex

We first started off with playing a few icebreakers that helped introduce all of us to each other and to help lessen our nerves. I noticed they acted just like us, when we teens get the chance to have fun in school. It opened my mind knowing that people who are a little older than us also like to have fun.

We then performed our skit and songs revolving around this year’s theme of Teen Council, “Identifying Stereotypes.” Afterward, we stayed on the stage while the college students were able to ask us any questions about Teen Council or about ourselves. One student asked the question, “What do you do outside of Citi Performing Arts Center?” I answered, “I run track, play squash, write and shoot films, and read.” As soon as my comment ended, a Master’s student named Gerald mentioned that he was a filmmaker as well, made my day. I connected with him afterwards and exchanged numbers. I knew that I could connect with someone else who had been in my shoes in this career path. As a member of a filmmaking program at another organization, I invited Gerald to visit a session and showed him some of my films that I’ve done.

Gerald and I have stayed great friends, and I can't wait to show him my new film I’ve been working on this year. Although he has moved back to New York City since graduating, I have stayed in contact with Gerald. Without this grand experience at the Arts in Education class, I wouldn’t be able to network with others who are also in a similar path.

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