Community Conversation at the Tobin

Posted 23 November 2015 12:00 AM by Alice Corvo

As we move into our final portion of the Target Arts program, working with the third graders at the Tobin School in Roxbury Crossing, I am forced to reflect on how much I have learned about teaching while watching our students learn. Our goal, from the beginning of the semester, has been to bring fun and learning, using the arts, into these kids’ lives. My co-teacher Anjali and I wanted to use theatre and poetry as a way to connect with our students on a personal level, because what is more important than telling our own stories? After many games played and poems written and discussions had, we settled on the theme of community and neighborhood.

This past week, we had the students write their scenes, all taking place in some of their favorite places around their community. As we were writing about community, the community of their classroom really began to come alive. They listened to each other’s ideas, worked together, and created imaginative scenes that will be a great addition to our performance.

It was my pleasure to help work on a scene that takes place at Dunkin’ Donuts, where two hungry customers are shocked to see that their desired baked goods have sprouted legs and are running away. It is these ideas I look forward to hearing every week at the Tobin School. They are hungry for ways to express themselves, and I hope that all of them continue to strive towards these outlets, which will help them stay emotionally healthy and spur them on through life.

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