Exploring Literacy Under the Sea

Exploring Literacy Under the Sea!

Posted 20 April 2016 12:00 AM by Beverly van Joolen

What fun it has been to get to know Mrs. Szeto and her smart and sweet students! A typical class involves us singing and playing theatre games that reinforce the lesson of the day. For example, a game might help us all get to know one another and get a feel for using our voices as a tool to share stories. We are now in our 5th week at the Quincy, and what a big and exciting week it has been!

On Wednesday, along with staging our practice skit, “The Great Kapok Tree,” which was a great success, we read through a rough draft page from our performance skit, Luminocea, and we workshopped our performance song. Our story takes place on a sparkling all ocean planet called Luminocea, in galaxy far, far away. Our protagonist is Cleo, the Blue Feathery Finned Fish. Our antagonist is Torpedo, the Shark. Cleo with her friends and Torpedo and his friend escape a volcanic eruption that destroys their homes and food. They all have trouble finding a new place to live or anyone to help them until our hero, Orsay the Octopus Queen, brings them and the other sea creatures together and helps them all realize that by sticking together and helping each other, even if they are different from one another, everyone can be happy and safe.

On Friday, we reviewed plot, story arc, writing terminology and the process of asking questions – who, what, when, where, why, and what then – as it related specifically to understanding our story and we performed a first read-thru of the full rough draft of “Luminocea!” We also ran it one time adding the first bit of blocking that will be used when we perform the skit for the school in the auditorium in May. Our young actors did an amazing job!

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