Safe at Home

Safe at Home: Reflecting on 2016's City Spotlights Leadership Program

Posted 16 August 2016 12:00 AM by Jeremy Gooden

I consider myself incredibly lucky to work in spaces as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the Shubert and Wang Theatres. Both venues are pillars of the Boston arts community, and have hosted countless fantastic productions and legendary acts. This summer, the Citi Shubert and Wang Theatres were hosts to 61 creative Teen Leaders. Through original works of art, interactive workshops, spontaneous street performances, and an incredible final showcase, the young artists and activists brought awareness to injustice and oppression in America, and communicated their hopes for the future of the country.

Last Friday, our six week journey came to an end as City Spotlights staff and Teen Leaders shared words of thanks and teary goodbyes at commencement. One thing above all was made clear throughout the commencement ceremony. This summer was nothing short of magical. Every day for seven weeks, Teen Leaders walked through the doors of the two historic venues, and brought with them an almost tangible energy. I consider myself extremely lucky to have witnessed and to have been a part of that energy. That spirit.

Yes. The Wang and Shubert Theatres are beautiful. They are historic. They are awe-inspiring. And for seven weeks, for 61 Teen Leaders, they were home.

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