Thank You City Spotlights

Thank you City Spotlights

Posted 26 August 2016 12:00 AM by Marina Huenchunir

As my first year being a Junior Assistant, I did not know what to expect. I had just been a Teen Leader last year and it took me a little bit to be able to adjust to my new role. I was probably as nervous as some of the new Teen Leaders. I didn’t know if my colleagues would see me as their Dance Junior Assistant or just as a former participant. In addition to that, I needed to learn how to take huge steps back and catch myself when before I stepped on any toes. Before long, I saw myself forming relationships with the teens and I wanted nothing more than for them to thrive in this program and grow as leaders and artists. I will keep everyone in mind and in heart as I go into my sophomore year at UMass Amherst.

This was my third, and sadly my last, year with City Spotlights. These three summers have gone by in such a blur. I can’t believe I was just a Junior in High School when I first auditioned. I remember being so excited to get back to dancing and have so much energy and joy in life. Lacrosse always took up my entire school year so I was grateful to get in touch with the arts at least during the summer. This program and its amazing group of staff, my family, helped me more than they could realize. Despite my family problems, college financial struggles, and even lack of confidence in myself, I knew I could count on them with anything. I will always be grateful for everything this program has done for me, especially for helping me finally realize the path I would like to take. Although I would love to be able to dance, sing, and act among amazing artists and young leaders every summer, I have my own future to look out for outside of the arts.

As I look back on this place, I will take everything I learned and use it to create a brighter future for myself, always striving for better. I will continue to attend the showcase every summer and just support this program in any way I can.

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