Education Blog The 4 Stages of Tour Week

The 4 Stages of Tour Week

Posted 4 August 2016 12:00 AM by Marly

We are now five weeks into the program, and it is as boisterous as ever. Everything that we have been working on these past four weeks has been cultivated for Tour Week. During the fifth week, also known as tour week, we’ve gone into the city of Boston to perform flashmobs and to facilitate workshops in neighborhood community centers. Each one of us face at least 4 stages of feelings during Tour Week.

For the veterans like I, our first stage is excitement, as we go out into the community and think of the change we will be bringing. It can also be nostalgic as we reminisce on our past workshops and flashmob choreography. For the new teens, tour week can sometimes make them feel nervous due to the fact that they have never performed pieces such as the ones we have created, or their lack of experience facilitating other people. Overall, after the first initial feelings we reach the next stage of Tour Week. Gaining confidence and being enthusiastic.

A lot of us are not dancers, and some of us can barely hold a note, but being surrounded by your carefree colleagues gives you a sense of courage enough to hit every move (even offbeat), or belt out the lyrics to our group song (off key most of the time). By having the courage to do something out of our comfort zone without the risk of being judged, we've become more enthusiastic and willing to participate. Enthusiasm pushes our motivation to find more flashmob areas (#TeamSUEGO) and be the best we can be. Even with enthusiasm we sometimes reach a point of where enthusiasm can no longer support us.

Exhaustion is a big thing we face as we go through Tour Week. We constantly stop to perform flashmob in populated areas, and when we’re done, we pick up where we left off and march on. Sometimes it gets exhausting because the things we do can sometimes be repetitive. It can even be because of how chaotic a workshop went and drained our energy. This third stage is valid and we all experience it, even the Staff, but we as a group always remain professional and combat this exhaustion with positivity. My group members always support each other so well with positivity and good vibes, even when we are exhausted, this stage never lasts for more than 30 minutes. Even though we’re exhausted, we still pull through until the end of our day.

The last stage we all feel during Tour Week is completion and satisfaction. Everything this whole summer has led to this week. We’ve talked about going into the community and doing all these amazing things and bringing awareness about our theme to the community. We worked hard, but none of us are ever truly prepared for what happens on tour week. But it is now the last day, and we’re counting down the hours of our last tour day. We mark this goal as complete. We’ve finished one of our summer goals, but we also have this satisfied feeling going on. We’re happy that WE were able to make a change in our communities. That WE were able to engage the community in our discussion. That WE stepped out of your comfort zone and did things we thought were impossible. Now all that is left for us to do is end our amazing summer with a 5:30 Flight to America.

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