The Hectic Week of Tour Week

The Hectic Week of Tour Week

Posted 7 August 2016 12:00 AM by Anaika Alegria-Cabral

My favorite part of the program I would have to say is always Tour Week. Even though it’s my favorite, it is the most tiring week and it feels so long. Waking up earlier than usual to be at work 30 minutes earlier is a struggle. But when I get to work, I see most people are so energized and happy to be at the Shubert and to work. It makes me wonder how are people so awake and energized in the morning? But it also bring me a bit of delight and it wakes me up. But Tour Week, I see more people happy to go out and show their talent to the world, and it allows me to do my job as well and represent what they are.

I have been seeing and doing Flash Mob since I was a Teen Leader three years ago. This year was different in terms that I got more involved with the teens and I knew the staff better. In my group, part of my role was pumping them up to get amped. My group got creative and in addition to the flash mob, which can be exhausting after doing it 20+ times in a day, performed other creative art forms like poetry, tableaux, singing, and games like Freeze! I also had the lucky opportunity to switch groups for one day (usually we stay with one group the entire week), and I can say it was different!. The other group, called Team Suego, was very competitive and had extremely high energy. Even though it was raining that day, everyone’s energy was up and was performing flash mobs, tableaux, acting, games, singing, and anything else we could think of everywhere and anywhere, including on the T. I just loved seeing the teens do what they love and enjoying themselves.

These extended hours from Monday until Thursday are hard work and a lot of sweat from the heat, but it all comes together when people stop and watch the teens and ask why they do what they do. I like telling people about City Spotlights and promoting our Final Showcase. I like talking to people who are more interested in the arts, and aren’t not in a rush to walk away after giving them a flyer.

But as staff, especially Junior Assistants like me, Tour Week is hectic in terms of what we do behind the scenes. We fill up the water bottles, do laundry, and get backpacks filled with snacks, water spray, and other essentials. Even though it’s a stressful week, it’s my favorite in addition to the Final Showcase because the teens are so happy to see their final result.

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