Tour Week

Tour Week

Posted 5 August 2016 12:00 AM by John Fifi

This week in City Spotlights was Tour Week and possibly the most amazing week of this summer program. The teens got the chance to travel to neighborhoods in and around the Boston area performing the workshops that they've worked so hard on. Aside from the first two gloomy days of the week, the other days were blazing hot and the teens were pulling through the numerous flash mobs that they would perform before and after their workshops.

The very first day of the Tour Week actually started on Thursday of the week prior to Tour Week and that consisted of all 61 teens together. The other flash mobs that happened during the Tour Week would have about half of the entire group. It didn’t matter if it was a group of 15 teens or 61 teens each--every performance that they had was absolutely amazing.

The teens’ workshop were based around present day situations and possible solutions of the pros and cons of the American Dream, and used the arts to communicate that to the community centers. The kids at the community centers would vary in age but the teens would adjust to make the workshop flow as smoothly as possible. Tour Week is both tiring and exciting for both the teens and the staff, as a Teen Leader alum and a Junior Assistant I can gladly say that watching the teens perform flash mobs and workshops is just as exciting watch it as it is taking part.

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