City Spotlights Bootcamp 2016

And So It Begins

Posted 15 July 2016 12:00 AM by Guyclaude Lacossade

Despite complications that hindered my attendance from the first two days, for the days I was here, it was an enriching experience. The teens got to work together closely and decide on their topic for the summer and start learning the full group song. Watching them try to get each note reminded me of why a program like this goes so well: teens and their dedication. Instead of complaining, each did their part to learn. As individuals, I'm sure they would sound good, and those in specialty definitely show-out. However, as a group, their strength is definitely visible, and each voice does its part to contribute to the piece.

Afterwards, the teens chose their theme, discussing the American Dream / Nightmare - something that I'm sure they can provide heavy insight to. The vote was made by a landslide and it seems that each teen can shine light on it in their own way. I hope that they all can have meaningful conversation around the topic so that each person, staff included, can walk away with something learned.

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