City Spotlights 2016 State House Presentation

City Spotlights Teens Advocate for Increased Arts Funding at MA State House

Posted 14 July 2016 12:00 AM by Michelle Chapman

61 Teen Leaders from Citi Performing Arts Center’s summer youth employment program, City Spotlights Leadership Program, came together to advocate for increased arts funding at the Massachusetts State House. Through a verbal presentation and through song, teens voiced how the arts have impacted their lives and strongly encouraged the legislature to override Governor Baker’s veto slashing Massachusetts Cultural Council funding. Teen Leaders met with Senate President Stan Rosenberg and Representative Cory Atkins and performed an original song on the Grand Staircase, as well as in the Senate Chamber.

The original song "We Are Calling" features music and lyrics by Kyra Merisier and Teen Leaders from the 2016 City Spotlights Leadership Program:

We Are Calling

We are calling
We are crying
We are claiming
Who we are
Yet we’re thrown in
All forgotten
Although we have Come so far (x2)

We pave the way
We are makers
We pave the way
We are healers
We pave the way
We are leaders
It’s who we are (x2)

We pave the way
We are lovers
We pave the way
We are fighters
We pave the way
We are winners (x2)

It’s who we are
It’s who we are
It’s who we are

Copyright: 2016 City Spotlights Leadership Program

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