Creating the Skeleton

Posted 22 July 2016 12:00 AM by Pascale Florestal

It’s crazy to think that the third week of Citi Spotlights has come and gone! A lot has been happening in the last few weeks and I know the teens and I are really excited about all of the work we have been creating. Most of our time this week has been spent working on the pieces we’ll be presenting in our showcase production on August 11th!

As the Acting Teaching Artist my job is to help the teens in the acting specialty figure out the skeleton of the story for our show. After we identified that our theme would be the American Dream/Nightmare we got to talking about what that meant to us as people and a society. After our discussion I asked every teen to write a one minute monologue about what the theme meant to them or how they related to it. From the discussion and monologue share out I picked out a few topics that we could focus some of our story on and asked the teens to select which topic group they would like to be a part of and write a scene centered on that topic. The teens were also placed into groups that Emily (Acting Teaching Artist Assistant) and I selected and we’re tasked to write another scene about any topic that we discussed that dealt with the central theme.

Each group had the opportunity to share out their scenes to the class and receive feedback on their work. From the share out we we decided which scenes we thought encompassed the theme best and would be ready to share out to the entire program. The acting specialty teens received great feedback on their work and spent the rest of the week solidifying their scenes and adding any other new material they thought would help the story. There were two highlights of week 3 for me. The first was getting all of the teens together during the last fifteen minutes of specialty to talk about how they could collaborate with each other. As a returning staff this is always a great time, seeing the students talk about the different ways their pieces connect and how they can make them even more engaging is one of my favorite parts of this job.

The second highlight was getting to see Comapny One’s performance of The T Party! The show was an immersive production centered around issues of gender identity specifically in the trans and LGBTQ community. Many of the teens had a great time seeing the production and even noticed that the structure of the show is very similar to our structure for the showcase. Can’t wait to see what next week brings us!

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