First Impressions

Posted 11 July 2016 12:00 AM by Jasmine

This past week was the first of the seven week program at City Spotlights and I must say I was more than blown away by our students and their remarkable talent and minds. The week began with our bootcamp series where we dove into creating community contracts, offering one another's own insight and collectively bringing forth the many walks of life into the singular strand of humanity that brings them all to one place of understanding;the arts.

One of the traditions of City Spotlights has always been that our students are able to create/choose a theme for our summer series and more importantly for our final showcase. After hearing the voices and passions of our teens, they came to their theme titled The American Dream/Nightmare and have begun diving into creative processes within their art specialties.

One of the most amazing moments to observe is when I’m able to see the kids drawing inspiration from one another, and as a result become more open to new people and points of view, which allows them to step out of their comforts zones and advocate for themselves and the arts. It warms my heart to see all the kids interested and eager to create an environment for vulnerability and the space to be challenged.

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