Posted 19 July 2016 12:00 AM by Kimetra Thompson

From a Teen Leader to a Junior Assistant to a Lead Junior Assistant with a few things mixed in between. As the program continues to grow in various ways, I have grown too. I am grateful for all of the opportunities this program has provided for me because it has helped me become a better me. Of the three specialties currently available, my main specialty for the past few years of working with this program has been acting. I had the chance to be a Teen Leader and a Junior Assistant within the Acting Specialty, so I took it. I did not really imagine myself excelling in another specialty or field. This summer, I have a new title and a different field; I am the Lead Junior Assistant for Advocacy and Final Showcase. Wait, what? Kimetra, you’re not doing Acting this summer? I was not too sure how I would fit this role, what I’d be doing, etc. The typical questions that fly through your head when you have a new role. I must say, I am glad that I took on this new role. I was able to jump right into it and lead activities that kept the teens up and thinking. Leading activities has been helpful for me this summer. Typically, I tend to be naturally quiet and present. I am the ears for those who need someone to listen, the eyes for the Teaching Artists and Assistants because they might not catch everything, and the hands and feet that help things move along smoothly. Leading activities at the beginning of advocacy, as well as community building, has helped me build confidence, have a loud voice, and all of the in between. This has been good because the teens tend to feed off of the energy and vibes you have.

This past week, the Teen Leaders performed at the State House, and it was phenomenal. Every year something great happens, and this year after their first performance, they were invited back to perform again in the Senate Chamber. This allowed more people to learn about City Spotlights and hear what they are advocating for. Their voices were heard.

Now that they have performed at the State House, I am currently transitioning into Final Showcase mode. I am super excited to see how this turns out. Masterpieces have been created already and I can see the show coming together already. This is going to be great!

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