Out of this world Josiah Quincy Second Graders

Out of This World: Our Stellar Journey with the Josiah Quincy School's Second Graders

Posted 4 May 2016 12:00 AM by Jeremy Gooden

Energy: something the students of the Josiah Quincy School’s second grade class have in abundance. They are vibrant. They are bright. They are luminous.

For two hours a week, over the course of nine weeks, the exuberant second graders have used song, dance, and theatre as modes of storytelling. The program culminates in a final showcase of the second graders’ original play, Luminocea, an intergalactic story of courage and friendship.

Their story teaches compassion and understanding in a beautifully imaginative way. And while I am sad that this residency is coming to an end, I am incredibly excited to see these second grade stars shine.

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