May 2016 Education Blog Wrapping Up at the Quincy

Wrapping Up at the Quincy!

Posted 6 May 2016 12:00 AM by Beverly Van Joolen

What an exciting, and fast, ten weeks it’s been at Josiah Quincy Elementary! Once our 2nd grade students finished writing the script and song, they began working hard to learn their blocking, their music and lyrics, and to memorize their lines!

With Ms. Szeto’s help they made beautiful costume pieces that reflected their sea creatures and we worked on developing how their characters would sound and move. When we moved into the performance space, the young actors stayed focused and did a great job as we tweaked the blocking to fit the stage, and they learned to work with a microphone! We also added sound effects to the show which helped to make the volcano and sinking of the ship feel more real. On performance day, some of the students shared that they felt nervous and we talked about focusing that nervous energy on giving our performance excitement and about using our good breathing technique to both calm us down and to make our voices strong. We had an excellent turn out for our performance to include several classes of both older and younger students, many parents and grandparents, and Principal Soo Hoo! The young actors did a fantastic job and after taking their bows, they helped teach the audience one of the songs they have learned, Shortnin Bread, and helped the other students recreate the sea animals from the show and participate in a Jungle Orchestra!

We will end our fun ten-week program with a Wrap Party where each student will receive a book entitled, “All the World” by Liz Garton Scanlon, which reflects the theme of our play - friendship and taking care of our planet. We’ve had an excellent time with Mrs. Szeto’s 2nd grade. Thank you for allowing us to share the Target Arts program with you and we wish you a happy summer!

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