An Eye Opening Experience

An Eye Opening Experience

Posted 18 November 2016 12:00 AM by Keilani, Kiana, and Natalya

The planning process for the Youth Committee was an eye opening experience for me. We practiced and put our minds Planning the conference was a new experience for us, but we enjoyed it. In leading our own workshop on Advocacy, we loved hearing people’s different opinions on what advocacy was. We felt hope and inspired by our Guest Speaker Panel their words were very powerful and influential. We would like to thank Meghan Irons, Merissa Magdael-Lauron, and Tito Jackson for being part of our Guest Speaker Panel and opening all of our eyes.

All the workshops were amazing and so insightful. It was amazing to see many members of other organizations work together to pull off this conference. The Theatre Offensive’s workshop stood out to us a lot. The workshop focused on interpretive acting with excerpts from different events and recording, such as a train ride or Venus Xtravaganza’s documentary. The workshop facilitators were very fun to be around and learn from. The workshop allowed us to use our bodies to express and match with different sounds. This conference is something we would love to participate again in the future.

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