Empowerment through music

Empowerment Through Music

Posted 8 November 2016 12:00 AM by Michael Prentky

It's been such a pleasure working at the Blackstone School with my Co-Teaching Artist Mary. I'm learning so much about techniques to help inspire kids to improvise movements through games and structures. There are certainly some take aways from these exercises in regards to the way I may approach future lessons such as trusting in kids ability to enjoy musical improvisation when given proper parameters.

I'm also having a good time helping work on basic music fundamentals of solfege and singing in order to help kids begin to grasp what it takes to write music. We discussed the Blues and wrote Blues refrains inspired by the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle which will be set to melodies we previously wrote.

I believe helping kids express themselves with their bodies and with music will help empower them through their ability to take responsibility for personal expression in the future. I also feel lucky to serve as a positive male role model who embraces dancing and singing- things that are frequently seen as "feminine." Lastly, I feel like I'm always the one learning the most, particularly in regards to getting experience in classroom management and observing how Mary and Ms. Curry (the regular classroom teacher) deal with the class. This is important because it, in a way, is the foundation for leading an effective class because no amount of knowledge, experience, or planning will be effective without proper control of the class.

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