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Posted 2 November 2016 12:00 AM by Emily Paley

Working at the Tobin School as a visiting teaching artist has been a delight! Our 3rd grade class has been working on ways in which we can heal the world through visual and performance art, while learning how we can help our communities thrive and be the best they can be. We are working on a fun showcase to share with our loved ones so that they can experience what we have been working on these past few weeks. Our projects have included making sculptures out of plastic wrap and tape, writing and performing raps/songs about our theme, and writing skits that make us think more about our part in the community. Throughout our few weeks, I have gotten to know many of the students and have been able to bond with them over our mutual love of art. My favorite moment so far was when one of the students, who seemed disinterested and restless at the beginning of our process, approached me and explained that he’s always wanted to be an actor but didn’t have the courage to do the skits with us. When I gave him a part in our culminating skit show, his eyes lit up and his smile was contagious! For me, this truly illustrated the power of art in the classroom as well as in the broader community.

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