LeadNotFollow A Look Behind the Scenes

Posted 13 November 2016 12:00 AM by Sheika and Darlie

The two and a half months of planning the #LeadNotFollow Youth Arts for Social Change Conference (YASCC) was filled with attempts of trying to make the day perfect. Numerous proposals, keynote speaker selections, and presentations were reviewed to ensure that they truly represented our theme of Power of Perspective. Throughout this process, we reached out to several organizations who fulfilled our vision of what we wanted the conference to be.

What we took away from being part of the Youth Committee and YASCC was being part of something bigger, and the experience of leading and running a whole event with colleagues. We got the whole behind-the-scenes experience, from choosing the presentations and workshops, to figuring out the order in which organizations would be presenting. This was a good experience for us and we are very to have been part of it.

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