Speaking Up and Speaking Out

Speaking Up and Speaking Out

Posted 16 November 2016 12:00 AM by Serge, Taylon, and Sharif

For the past two months, the #LeadNotFollow: Youth Arts for Social Change Conference (YASCC) Youth Committee and I planned for the conference. We reviewed and selected all the presentations, workshops, and performances, while also planning out how the day was going to go. We enjoyed the process of this conference because it allowed us to put ourselves in the shoes of people who plan, organize, and facilitate conferences, like CEOs or Board Members. Some of us who organized #LeadNotFollow last year found that it was easier to plan, organize, and facilitate this year’s conference.

On the day of the conference, everything went well. Before we came to the conference, we were nervous about messing up in a rough crowd, as we had to facilitate the first hour of community building and our workshop on Advocacy, but everyone was supportive. The day opened up by explaining how the day was going to proceed and playing games to build a community. The best part of the YASCC was meeting new people. Everyone there was so nice and open. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. It felt empowering teaching others about the power of advocacy, and to encourage others to speak up and speak out.

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