The Tiny Seed

The Tiny Seed

Posted 15 November 2016 12:00 AM by Mary Teuscher

This afternoon someone asked me to share where I was coming from: my reply was “Eighteen third graders.” The students in ore group are indeed a force of nature. But, as we work this fall I am learning how the quiet moments they are finding inside of our creative movement exercises and the gentle hum of Michael’s trombone are powerful too.

Ms. Curry’s third graders are building a dance in three acts based on the story of The Tiny Seed by Eric Karl. As readers and thinkers students are exploring the essential questions How is an idea like a seed? What does it mean to never give up? and Have you ever watched something grow? We meet weekly on Mondays and Thursdays to stretch, breath, move and create. This past week we started working on the stage and have begun formal rehearsals for our final show in December. This Thursday we will begin to wrap up our song writing workshop. Michael is going to lead them in building their own melodies.

Next week we will layer on our own lyrics with excerpts taken from student writings. Hopefully some of these lyrics will be in Spanish too! We are also looking ahead to building some instruments for the performance. And, the week before Thanksgiving we will have paint day! The patterned paper students create will be used for puppets we will weave in and out of the dancers during our Autumn Leaves scene and our Underwater Scene. It is an exciting time for this third grade group at Blackstone Innovation School. Stay tuned for our progress throughout the fall!

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