Creating A Bond Via Flash Mobs

Posted 5 August 2017 12:00 AM by Jasmine Wong-Wynot

In the blazing hot weather, 56 teen leaders leaped out into the City of Boston doing pop up performances. The various performances spaces included Faneuil hall, Copley library, Boston Commons, and etc. Aside from their set flashmob choreography, they also performed tableaux, spoken words,as well as other dances, and etc. Which by the way were all original work composed in roughly 2.5 weeks from the teens themselves. Despite the challenging weather circumstances these teens performed with such professionalism and grace. It was truly a beauty to watch them all perform with such high energy every single time. These pop ups not only inspired their audiences and themselves, but me as well. It was an enjoyable moment for me to walk around with these teens and watch them spread their love and compassion for the arts around the City of Boston. It’s truly inspiring to see young teens grow not only as artist but as individuals as well. Today, I learned that flash mobs are fun! Some of the staff, including myself joined the teens in some of the performances. Sharing such a moment with the teens and creating that bond is something incredible and I would not have traded today for anything.

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