Week 4

Gearing Up for Flash Mob Day

Posted 4 August 2017 12:00 AM by Michelle Garcia

As we came to a close for our Flash Mob rehearsals, we were able to focus more on the big picture of our Flash Mob Tour Day. This included three take away points that the students have learned this week, concerning performance strategies and also general social etiquette in the area of conflict and resolution. Lastly, this also involved learning how to adapt from groups and formations and understanding a shift in mediation.

Towards the beginning of the week, we were able to rotate our focus between our groups of 15, 30 and 60. Within each one of these groups, there was a slight change of management and it forced the students to figure out how to work together. Little by little they understood which dynamics worked better for a small vs. a big group. They found that the best tactic was to identify which sections of the initial flash mob they were in, and then break those up within the smaller groups. They then re-worked formations and began to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

During the middle of the week when the energy started to simmer down a bit, we were able to brainstorm ways to keep the spark up even after the piece had been run over and over again. The teens have recognized that perfecting an art form can be tedious, but also very rewarding. They started individually giving suggestions to maintain energy and our “one mic” policy worked very well with this scenario! One mic allows each student to express their ideas and feelings with undivided attention from all of their fellow peers. This simultaneously gets some good ideas flowing in the room, and they have fed very well off of each other’s perspectives.

Last but not least, the third take away came from our talk about conflict within different sources of power. We went over the healthy ways to deal with a certain amount of power and that abusing one’s power should be avoided at all costs. It took a lot of practice over the last month in general to learn how to share their power and space when they were given it, but each time the situation presented itself, they were more efficient and respectful.

By the end of our day on Wednesday, they had a firm understanding of how our Flash Mob on Thursday would run and we all reminded each other to keep up the different strategies that had been stressed this week! The final week of Flash Mob was definitely a success!

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