Week 3

Teaching Kids is Hard

Posted 1 August 2017 12:00 AM by Meaghan Harrigan

With the State House presentation under their belts, this week the teen leaders began working on their next big task developing workshops that incorporate their creative performances with their social justice topics. The workshops will take the powerful conversations the teen leaders have been having on the Shubert stage out into their own communities to share with youth. We spent the first two days with a crash course in workshop facilitation and behavior management. The teens got a taste for the complexity of teaching others through group activities and games as well as set the objectives for their specific workshops. While I saw the fear grow in some of their eyes when we discussed behavior management for little ones, I have been impressed time after time by the teens’ ability to develop creative management strategies, lessons, and activities for an age 6–12 audience without dumbing down the material. As they continue to rehearse their workshops with each other, their confidence and thoughtfulness for handling the tough subject matter is steadily increasing ultimately resulting in what will be creative and powerful experiences for both the teen leaders and the children they meet.

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