Bonding Already

Posted 11 July 2017 12:00 AM by Kyra

During the week of July 3, it is astonishing how the teen leaders had clicked already. I saw their passion through their artistic abilities and their openness as they interact with each other. To me, each teen is very interesting by how they think, speak, and also create. It seems that their level of creativity is tremendously high by how they are trying to push out of the norm. Forexample, in discussions, they tend to challenge one another. Knowing in our topics, there are no correct answers, they strive to look at the topic in many angles as possible. When I observe how they tried to tackle the meaning of injustice/justice, I was very amazed. They asked very valid questions as if I was in a board room in the supreme court or something like that. In terms of their artistic abilities, again, they are very open. Not only they came out of their comfort zone, but they are so eager to share and show what they can do. I did not see much fear in what they do. They have so much joy in it that others joined them. That happened in two days as I was present. TWO DAYS!!!! I can see that this year is going to be pretty legitimate because they already have the positive spirit of an artist. I can’t wait to found out their theme for their show on Monday!

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