State House

Making a Difference at the State House

Posted 21 July 2017 12:00 AM by Simon Freitas

This week the teen leaders really stepped up to the plate while preparing for their advocacy presentation at the state house. They first performed for Cory Atkins and a small public audience, and then they were invited back to perform in the chamber for the House of Representatives. Their performance used pieces they created over the past few weeks, including singing, dancing, acting and personal stories. In addition, the performance included a professional presentation advocating against the cut to the budget for the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which provides funding for programs like ours.

Something that I learned from the experience we were able to have this week was how no matter what age you are, you are always able to make a difference if you really believe in the work you're doing. These 57 teen leaders came together and put their hearts into every word they spoke at the state house, and even though we don't know yet how much of an impact they had it is still amazing to see what they have done and what they can do.

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