State House

Successful Day of Advocacy

Posted 24 July 2017 12:00 AM by Emma Trujillo

State house week is always one of the craziest at City Spotlights. It's the first time all of the teens come together to perform. This year everyone worked together to add more creative elements to the annual state house presentation. Each of the specialities got together to tell the story of one of their members artistically.
Watching the presentation come together was exciting. In roughly a fortnight 58 strangers came together and put on an incredible and impactful performance. Seeing it all click and connect so quickly makes me excited for what will happen in the final showcase. After performing on the Grand Staircase Wednesday morning, the teens got invited into the floor of The House of Representatives. The mood was tense as everyone rushed across the Common and right into the chamber. Large chunks of the performance had to be rewritten and memorized at the last minute. Everyone adapted really quickly to script and location changes. In the end their performance for the representatives up on their feet cheering.
The State House is this program's first hurdle. This year it came together so easily and smoothly. This performance sets a great tone for the rest of the summer.

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