The Creative Process

The Creative Process

Posted 17 November 2017 12:00 AM by Kevin Williams

The ideas are limitless and ever expanding for students this semester in the Target Arts Residency at Blackstone Elementary. Each and every one of these individuals have thoughts waiting to be heard and as visiting teaching artists to a classroom, Mary and I have the opportunity to provide an outlet of expression through the performing arts. As a part of the creation process, it is important that we not only tap one aspect of performance however try to engage students in an array of both movement and voice based activities to stimulate the varying learning styles within the class. Starting with the source material of Christopher Myer’s story Wings, we have explored physical movement through interpreting guided choreography, imagery through creating tableau statues, and written communication through responding to short writing prompts. These, among many other, activities inform the final adaptation and bring us to where we are now in wrapping up the creation phase to really hone the structure of a presentable final piece.

While our class is looking forward to the concluding product in December, the creative process is where the most exciting developments blossom. Students are asked to collaborate with peers and as a result, each individual has the potential to strengthen an ability to actively listen to others, communicate ideas, navigate strategies for conflict resolution , and take ownership for personal responsibility. Also, it’s just plain fun and entertaining to let loose sometimes and try to figure out how an animal or dinosaur might move throughout the room or what an invisible playground might look and sound like. In the end, we adults are merely in the room to spark new ideas and craft what it all might look like. There’s a saying that the answer is in the room and I believe that to be more true when working with young minds.

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