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Posted 11 April 2018 12:00 AM by Education

Our Teen Leadership Council has begun their performance tour. They have visited the BCYF Shelbourne site in Roxbury, BCYF Perkins in Dorchester, and the Peer Leadership Institute in the South End. Teen Council has a total of 8 performances scheduled at different sites around the city. During their visits Teen Leaders lead icebreakers and warmups with the participants, they perform their showcase, and finally engage in a Q&A style debrief talking about what the participants gathered from the performance and full experience. One of the sites they will visit is the senior center at Grove Hall Community Center. Some of the scenes in the final showcase are inspired by the conversations and activities Teen Leaders did with seniors during their first visit. Now, they are coming back to showcase what they have created based on some of the experiences the seniors shared back in January during their Research workshop tour. As mentioned before, this year’s theme is stereotypes, and teens have been able to begin exploring the intersectionality of stereotypes, tapping strongly in racial stereotypes, but also as teens in society. Teens will be on tour right until their Final Showcase. These performance tour visits also give the teens the opportunity to get feedback on their showcase and get ready for Tuesday April 24th. With that being said, please mark your calendars for Teen Council’s Final Showcase on Tuesday, April 24th at 5:30pm in the Grand Lobby. Everyone is welcome!

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