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Posted 13 August 2018 12:00 AM by Katina

I would like to say congratulations to all of the teen leaders for their wonderful work the past 5 weeks. I have seen much growth and improvement in all of you. Additionally, I would like to shout out and say a special thanks to the Dance Specialty. Dance specialty came together during week 5 to teach dancers and other teen leaders dances to complete the party scenes. This was the best example of collaborative work that I have observed the teens fully engage in outside of their tour groups. The teens were super accommodating with sharing space and time with the other teens and artists in order to complete the final edits of the final script. Lastly, I want to say thanks to all of the teens who took their personal time outside of work to assist their colleagues with lines, songs, and dances. I am super excited for the final showcase, break a leg!

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