State House

To The State House

Posted 1 August 2018 12:00 AM by Kiana Alexis

The teen Leaders in the weeks following up to the state house presentation poured their hearts into what would eventually become their performance piece. Using various art forms such as acting, music and dance were the tools used to bring a message to Anne Margaret Ferrante and other Massachusetts Legislators. The 61 teens brainstormed about what the arts meant to them and would encourage the Legislators that the state budget for arts programs for the education system and their communities should be funded with a budget of $16 million dollars.

The teens would broke in to an advocacy session two times a day for the last week to create what later would become their presentation. Breaking down questions such as who we are, what we do, a couple of questions and personal statements allowed this presentation to be true and authentic to the teens. Within this time frame they also found that they all have a voice but together share a message. Stories of growth and success through the arts were shared, as well why the arts were important to them and their lives. Messages like “art is a universal language” and “the arts helped my confidence to express myself and create bonds” truly brought the message home. While doing this they expressed what this year’s theme for what their workshop/ showcase would be, titled “Lovin’ Ain’t Easy”. A theme in which teens from all over Boston discover love in all of its forms.

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