Tying It All Together

Posted 8 August 2018 12:00 AM by Bella Tasha

On the second day of Workshop Tour one of the groups, The Proud Family, had to 180 their performance plan when they arrived to a room with 30 three year olds. Within minutes of arriving they realized their content would be over the heads of the group, that the attention span was limited, but also, that the enthusiasm and joy of art and theatre was there. For the hour long workshop Teen Leaders used a combination of strategy games, dance games, and original dance and music pieces to engage and bond with their participants.

Problem solving during Workshop Development laid the foundations for adaptability later on. When faced with time constraints, instead of performing unfinished scenes, the Teens decided to open the end of their piece to the audience. The solution they came up with was to freeze the scene and have volunteers come in, tap out an actor of their choosing, and continue the scene. The most inspired element of this was they emphasized that the volunteers “fix” the problem of a family not accepting their daughter’s relationship. This required the audience to think about the message of acceptance and how to be accepting, which was the overall theme and meaning behind the workshop.

Throughout Workshop Tour the Teen Leaders were constantly adapting to changing circumstances including ever changing performance spaces, age ranges, number of audience members, and interest levels of those audience members. Since four groups of fifteen had two to three workshops a day, the ability to be flexible is paramount in their devising process. It is an extraordinarily difficult skill to learn. Now, having worked through a variety of obstacles and challenges, Teens can take those skills into their Final Showcase and into the Fall with confidence that it will never be as unfamiliar as a room of preschoolers.

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