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Advocating for Something Special

Posted 23 July 2018 12:00 AM by Jay Connolly

We all have something special in our lives. Something we keep very close to our hearts. This summer I had the opportunity to advocate for mine with an amazing group of staff and 61 teen leaders here at City Spotlights. Part of our program at City Spotlights is devising a presentation that we then take to the State House, where it is performed on the grand staircase. The presentation this year was to push for the Senate to meet the House of Representatives for a 2 Million dollar increase into the arts budget for all of Massachusetts. This presentation is comprised of statistics, personal stories, and even an original song. The theme of the presentation was “Lovin’ Aint Easy”, which is also the theme of their final showcase on August 15th.

With only seven days of rehearsal before the presentation was too take place, the devising process needed to be very quick. With passion and inspiration, our teen leaders came up with more than enough material by the fourth day of rehearsals and we began to build our presentation from scratch. We separated into different groups which helped us build a strong team and create content quickly. By the end of the fourth day, we had a completed presentation and had three days to rehearse and prepare for the State House.

At the State House we put on a public performance of our presentation. At the grand staircase we were met by Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante, who watched our performance and answered questions that we had prepared for her. Fighting past the noise of tourist, tour groups, and government employees, the teen leaders put on a fantastic and inspiring performance. On July 18, 2018 the senate agreed upon the 2 million dollar increase of the states arts, cultural, and creative community. This budget now heads to Governor Baker’s desk, where he has 10 days to sign off on the plan.

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