And So It Begins

Posted 5 July 2018 12:00 AM by Abigail Robinson

Today was a day for everyone to officially sign themselves into the program. The majority of the agenda regarded designing a community contract in which all program participants, both teen leaders and staff are required to follow. It was also a time for everyone to simply break the ice! The newcomers were able get situated to the summer program and the City Spotlights community as well. I was impressed to see how focused the team leadership group was as a collective, as well as the positive energy knowing how oppressively hot this week has been. I am definitely satisfied with this week’s level of engagement and participation displayed by the team leaders. As we transitioned between breaks and activities, I felt confident that people were going to remain focused and continue to do the job they came here to do (as well as having fun). As a junior assistant, I am very excited to see what the music specialty group has to offer this year. I am also looking forward to encouraging, enhancing and enforcing a creative drive for the teen leaders so that they may be really proud of their musical contributions and own it!

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