Bibia Be Ye Ye

Posted 26 July 2018 12:00 AM by Michelle Garcia

As this is my second summer working as the Flash Mob Choreographer for the City Spotlights Program, I can confidently say that the teens never fail to surprise me! The charisma and enthusiasm of not only the dancers, but from all of the teens is overwhelmingly beautiful. Many of them do not know what to expect going into the Flash Mob, but they start with an open mind and a good attitude.

Shortly after we started this year, they found that it takes a lot of physical energy, and a good amount of mental awareness as well. They are asked to work in groups, they must try to figure out formations together with many different numbers, they are required to repeatedly practice their own choreography—and some of them even helped choreograph it themselves. It seems to me that early on they really learned how to use each others strengths day by day within the flashmob. Not only did I observe that many of the teens who were not comfortable in the beginning, became incredibly comfortable with their bodies and their performance in the end—but they also told me. I had one specific teen who came to tell me that she didn’t think she was going to enjoy Flash Mob, and by the end, it was one of her favorite parts of the program.

There is so much joy getting to hear and experience this with such a big group of teens from all different kinds of backgrounds. It really is heartwarming to see their collaboration and growth in just a few short weeks every summer.

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