City Spotlights Bootcamp

Posted 10 July 2018 12:00 AM by Kayla Maloney

For many, the first days of City Spotlights are both the easiest and the hardest. Easy - because everything is new from taking headshots, learning policies and understanding the layout of the summer. Hard - because it is a fresh start for many. New teens, new teaching artists, new assistants, new junior assistants and new staff. Being new anywhere is hard but being new in such an open and artistic space opens up a new world of opportunities. Morning icebreakers prove to be a bit awkward but by lunch time, new groups of friends have formed. A new teen pulls out a guitar and starts playing a tune from High School Musical and suddenly people who had previously been sitting alone in the corners of the lobby come together to sing in unison. Returning teens reminisce about previous summers, even doing the flash mob choreography they all seem to remember. Junior assistants and assistants spend over an hour playing a game of Uno with one another bickering over wild cards and draw fours like old friends. By the end of the day we’re giving shoutouts to people we had only met that morning and although, we might not know all 60+ names just yet, the sense of family is there and will only grow over the next six weeks.

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