Teaching Theatre and Music

Posted 5 March 2018 12:00 AM by Michael Prentky

This session at the Tobin K-8, Pascale and I took a new approach by more evenly distributing our teaching time. From the beginning, we would switch days where she would teach theater and the following, I would teach music. This felt like a great way for the kids to get to know each of us and what we're each about from early on (compared to previous sessions where I might not have had as much time with the kids early on and adding music later might have felt like an afterthought).

I was happy to try some new things this session like playing my trombone for the kids and doing musical simon says (using body percussion or "step" type movements). I was also happy to do a lot of writing with them to work on songs or raps for their final performance. I wrote a song about empathy -- the topic of their show-- for them to memorize and sing. They wrote their own rhymes about their individual group performances that they will either rap or write about. We've finished our scripts and are in rehearsal mode-- I'm looking forward to the performance!

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