ArtWeek Takes Over MA With Over 500 Events

Posted 8 May 2018 12:00 AM by Jane Long

Our inaugural statewide ArtWeek 2018 was a success with over 500+ events in 130 towns/neighborhoods across the state — and the best part was that over 70% were FREE! The artists, businesses, arts organizations and individuals who made the decision to experience something new in their own backyards or engage with the arts throughout Massachusetts exemplify what makes ArtWeek so incredible. Since ArtWeek launched in 2013, the growth has been phenomenal; this year launched our expansion statewide as cities flew the ArtWeek flag high, presenting events that showcased the Creative Commonwealth in fresh and exciting ways. ArtWeek participants enjoyed VIP, behind-the-scenes access to interactive workshops, open rehearsals, walking history and visual art tours, backstage talks, intercultural cuisines and more, encompassing genres that spanned the gamut. Our small team of five pounded the pavement to hit several events each day across the state, where we witnessed communities and individuals engaging with the arts and with each other in new and inspiring ways. As one of our event hosts wrote: “This wasn’t about making masterpieces, it was about making memories.” And we are proud that ArtWeek, as the Boch Center’s signature community program, did just that!

ArtWeekThis quote from ArtWeek event host Deborah Marion of the Golden Tones Chorus highlights yet another reason we believe ArtWeek is so important, “What I love about ArtWeek is that it provides a platform to do something different … to be part of what’s now a statewide festival and to stretch ourselves to offer something beyond our usual concert experience. It feels like we’re a part of something larger since there are ArtWeek things happening everywhere across the state. As a small arts organization, we don’t feel so isolated.”

If you did attend or host an event, please consider taking our ArtWeek Event Host Survey or ArtWeek Event Participant Survey as it pertains to your experience. We’d love to hear your feedback on how we can make ArtWeek even better in the future. And if you missed it — check out what the press said about it here. The Boch Center couldn’t be prouder of how our community initiative has now exploded across the Commonwealth, showcasing the amazing creative resources that surround us every day!

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