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Performing Transformation

Posted 6 November 2018 12:00 AM by Jaronzie Harris

Reflecting on our residences at both the McKinley and Blackstone this semester has been an encouraging reminder that engaging the imagination of a child is a transformative process with immense capacity for healing and growth. In fact, it seems that all it takes to activate their natural inclinations for care and empathy is to insert an interesting problem to solve.

While devising this semester has surfaced complicated group dynamics it has also built confidence and fostered the formation of more secure relationships by challenging young people to turn their creativity toward sorting out difficult situations. We’ve determined in class that theatre is much more interesting when the characters are faced with a challenge to overcome and we’ve been cultivating conflicts not only to develop fine plots, but as springboards for community building.

Whether we are in the woods of Wakanda, getting sucked into video game land or attacked by a mega villain at Super Hero High, these youngins are participating in a process that is daring them to experience and regulate emotions while they work together to explore, learn and find solutions in real and imaginary worlds.

Now we’ve reached the beginning of our story. We’ve amassed a diverse group of characters, an intriguing collection of settings and a solid problem or two to demolish. Where will we go from here? Well, it’s up to them to decide.

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