Je’Caryous Johnson’s Things Your Man Won
Oct 22 at 8PM
Wang Theatre

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About the Show

Most of us know a woman who is "waiting on God" to send her husband. And often, those women get a little impatient and decide to give God a little help. They relax their standards, they alter their morals and they settle for less than they really want. That's what Rachel Braxton, the star of Je'Caryous Johnson's new stageplay, Things Your Man Won't Do, did when she allowed her boyfriend, Demetrius McAlister to move in with her.

Giving him some stipulations (no sex and the relationship had to be moving toward marriage), Rachel was confident her demands would get him to put a ring on it. But two years later, he still won't marry her. He still won't truly commit. And he still won't put her first. In fact, the list of things he won't do was long. Rachel starts to realize the relationship she wants may not be the relationship God wants so she gives Demetrius an ultimatum to determine whether she and Demetrius could ever be equally yoked - "either we get pre-marital counseling or you get out of my life."

Demetrius has no desire to do pre-marital counseling, but he doesn't want to lose he turns to his old college roommate, Blake, who is visiting from out of town. They concoct the perfect plan...Blake can pretend to be their counselor! Rachel had prayed for Demetrius to come around, so she's ecstatic when she gets a call from him that not only will he do the counseling - but he's found the perfect counselor. Rachel felt God had answered her prayers...and perhaps He did since Blake just happens to be the one man that always held a valve of Rachel's heart. Since, Blake feels the same way, he chooses love over friendship and promises Rachel he'll do all the things Demetrius won't....

Rachel now has to decide if she's going to let go of the wheel and let love guide her in the right direction. Losing the love of his life, however, could be just the jolt Demetrius needs to get his act together, but is it too late?

Je'Caryous Johnson, a 2007 NAACP Trailblazer award winner is known for his soul-stirring plays, which break box office records. From turning bestselling African-American novels into plays, to approaching Hollywood's hottest stars for its productions, Je'Caryous Johnson is fearless and outside-of-the-box, changing the face of American touring theatre. Visit for more information.
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